New Trust Icon Street Art ‘User Offline’ In Queens Park

Well it’s been a few months now since we last had a fresh work from Trust Icon to share with you, however three days ago one of London’s most witty and proactive Street Artists was back out again to hit up his latest creation, on this occasion in Queens Park. In his work Trust Icon sets to capture a moment or a snapshot from his, and many peoples childhood, combined with his own style of poignant insight or humour injected into each design, making his style his very own and his works what they are. this is exactly what he has done with his latest piece entitled ‘User Offline’, which takes a wry look at modern cultures dependency on social media and digital communications. In this work the female character who is ‘offline’ and engaging with the real world is the one no longer present within the virtual realm we inhabit. Yet again another clever and charming work from Trust Icon as well as being an absolute pleasure to see.







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