New Frida Stiil Vium Street Art In Shoreditch

Whilst out on our travels on Tuesday, as we cut through Blackall Street to Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch we heard that now all so familiar sound of cans being shaken and were delighted upon turning the corner to discover visiting Danish Street Artist Frida Stiil Vium at work. One thing we love most about London’s Street Art scene is that to accompany the fantastic range of resident artists we are lucky to see such great output from, London also plays host to an incredible number of international artists from all over the globe. Which means we are fortunate enough to suddenly stumble upon a fantastic piece of artwork by an artist previously unknown to us, as was the case with this work.

Certainly an interesting work from Frida Stiil Vium, one set to catch your eye and draw you in. Presenting a intriguing character fueled with strong tribal features, it’s as if this flowing figure is the spirit of the earth it incubates in its stomach. Initially you are drawn to the intricacy and wonder in the creatures face, but there really is so much going on in the rest of the work in subject and style. This lovely work can be found along Great Eastern Street.


Frida Still Vium at work.


Frida Still Vium at work.


Frida Still Vium at work.


Frida Still Vium at work.


Frida Still Vium at work.


Frida Still Vium at work.


The intriguing and striking finished piece.








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