New Pref ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’ Graffiti In Shoreditch

On Friday in Shoreditch, Graffiti Writer Pref was at work to lay out his latest multi-layered text piece, in this case reading ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’. Having started out as a Graffiti artist some twenty years ago, Pref then went on to study Graphic Design and it is with these two influences that Pref’s intricate works meet as a fusion of Graffiti and Graphic Design. Pref’s typographical works on the street are just absorbing and so well constructed, you find yourself staring intently trying to decipher the layers of letters, but when you see it for what it is, it finally becomes all so clear. This fantastic work can be found along Great Eastern Street.






Works by Cix Mugre/Spaik/Libre HEM, Dave Bonzai/Saturno & Pref.


Works by Dave Bonzai/Saturno & Pref.

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