New Size92 Street Art In Croydon

Over the course of a few days last week, battling the cold and rain, Spanish Street Artist Size92 laid out his latest work in St George’s Walk, Croydon. The intriguing piece is based upon a Michelangelo sculpture,  hence the classical larger than life character that appears to be casting down his presence as he emerges from the very earth itself, in this case the sea, with the gift of Graffiti being thrust upon this realm  in the form of Size92’s letter work. In all presenting a interesting fusion of classical subjects in art and very modern funky graffiti. This work was put up with a little organization from us here at London Calling Blog.


Size92 at work.









4 comments on “New Size92 Street Art In Croydon

  1. Wow, I visited Croydon in the new year after seeing your fantastic end of year review of the area and will definitely be heading back very soon to see the latest additions from the last month or so that you have shared here on the blog.

    Absolutely love this piece by the way, such beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing.

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