New Anthea Missy Street Art In Shoreditch

It’s been almost a year since we at London Calling Blog caught up with Street Artist Anthea Missy, so we were delighted to find she is back passing through London at current and that she was setting to work in Shoreditch yesterday afternoon. Anthea Missy who is from France, but now resides in Belgium, has only been painting on the streets since June 2014, with her first public work being done in Amsterdam and since then she has already got to paint in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London, Vietnam & Cambodia. Anthea paints pieces which present an amorphic and organic construction of colour and shapes not found in nature. Anthea Missy sets to do this as she feels with such an overwhelming abundance of technological capability in the use of computers and cameras it is so easy now to capture perfect and highly realistic images of virtually anything, so she sets to paint the unrealistic the abnormal. Often using multiple shades of several core colours, Anthea Missy decided on this occasion to work to a more minimalist black and white scheme, highlighted with a couple of hints of red to paint for the first time with a deep purple colour as opposed to the use of black for her core outlines.


Anthea Missy at work.


Anthea Missy at work.


The flowing finished piece.




5 comments on “New Anthea Missy Street Art In Shoreditch

  1. Not really a fan of her artwork but……… Anyone painting in high heels would get my attention!! Her piece just off Brick Lane has been around for a long time…(Too Long)

    • Haha Scooj, her work is intersting and very much her own. As for the keeping up-to-date, we do indeed have a few ‘scouts’ as such who kindly help us out, as well as all the support we receive from certain artists and facilitators on the scene.

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