New Bumoe Graffiti In Shoreditch

Last weekend whilst out on our travels we were exceptionally delighted to stumble upon Graffiti Writer Bumoe at work in Shoreditch on his freshest piece of colourful abstract letter work. Being in the habit of primarily sighting works from Bumoe in Leake Street or occasionally the Stockwell Hall of Fame it really is fantastic to start to have seen work from Bumoe away from these South London legal walls where his work doesn’t receive the lifespan it deserves and starting to hit up spots in Shoreditch and Tooting of recent. Definitely one of our favourite Graffiti Writers on the London scene, we adore his abstract works and the continuous way in which Bumoe strives to experiment with the cobinations of colours that define the flow of his works. We hope to see more works from Bumoe around London but in the meantime you can enjoy our pictures or head on down to Blackall Street in Shoreditch to see the work yourself should you be London way.


Bumoe at work.


Bumoe at work.


Bumoe at work.


Bumoe at work.


The absorbing finished work.





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