New Lovepusher ‘Natural’ Graffiti In Leake Street

Yesterday in the Leake Street tunnel we here at London Calling Blog were lucky enough whilst passing through to find the latest work from 3D Graffiti Writer Lovepusher. We don’t generally focus on Graffiti as much, however for us here Lovepusher is certainly one of the most impressive Graffiti Writers at work the world over. Having began painting in 1995 and since then transitioning from painting a more traditional urban form of typography to his current futuristic 3D creations. In the process developing his own glowing style of painting using light, shade and perspective in order to make his works pop off the walls on which they adorn. What is immediately noticeable about this work is how Lovepusher has taken a break from his prevalent ‘Jesus’ tag and took the time to experiment with some new letters and worked with the word ‘natural’, creating a piece that further demonstrates how versatile Lovepusher is with his exceptional typography skills.







2 comments on “New Lovepusher ‘Natural’ Graffiti In Leake Street

  1. We were in Leake Street yesterday morning. There was a LOT of activity: artists, sightseers (including us!), cameras (including ours!) and even the odd interview. At that point nothing much had emerged, though there was a lot of sketching-out going on. In fact, I was a little disappointed by what was on view. The one bright spot was Olivier Roubieu’s portrait on the ceiling. (It lacks his characteristic paint-splash but that would perhaps have been impractical to apply in that position!) We’ll need to go back and see whether all that activity produced something good.

    We not keen on what you call graffiti and we call lettering, which is a pity as there seems to be quite a fad for it at the moment.

    • Leake Street is certainly an interesting place, very much with a life of its own, it can be quite astonishing what you see down here.Leake Street can be very disappointing when passing through, all you can do is go regularly, hope you are lucky, and with a little persistence you will see absolute gems like thid Lovepusher work we caught this week.

      Additionally the superb ceiling work by Olivier Roubieu was created before his latest stylistic touch of the splash of paint became a feature of his work.

      Lastly the vast majority of letter or as we stated above ‘typography’ works are created by artists who consider themselves to be Graffiti Writers, this is very much the most appropriate terminology for such paint works.

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