New Dan Kitchener Street Art In Tooting

This morning we are yet again back in Tooting, as there is so much great Street Art going up in the area as of late. This little pocket of Tooting is currently undergoing a colourful transformation due to the great work of The Real Art of Street Art and artist Irony, who have set to start decorating the Tooting Market and it’s surrounding walls with a series of beautiful murals. The project may be pretty fresh but it is already coming into its own, with this week alone seeing three superb works added to the developing outdoor gallery, and it is one of these works by Dan Kitchener we are going going to take a look at right now.

For his latest London work Dank has gone with a portrait of a geisha, painted in some five hours, and presented in a really painterly tone and so full of texture. The slightly distorted out of focus effect of the image presents an impressive take on his geisha’s which are normally tinged with a distinctly neon glow and more realistic quality, leaving this piece with a more traditional fine art quality at its heart. We love seeing the range of techniques of Dan Kitchener’s works and we eagerly anticipate future developments in this artists repertoire. This work can be found along Tooting High Street and was put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art and Irony.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


The striking finished piece.





5 comments on “New Dan Kitchener Street Art In Tooting

  1. Now I’ve seen all the artwork for myself in the Iceland delivery yard I can vouch for how good they all look in the flesh!! Like meat off a bone.. Irony has two stunning works of art there. I must warn others coming down to view these that you may be unlucky if there are a lot of vans parked along the walls.

    • Haha, we didn’t think you would be disappointed Mitch, the area is awash with high quality Street Art & Graffiti. The best time to go is on a Sunday, then the car park is empty and you can also catch the increasing number of shutters being painted in Tooting Market.

      • I did catch a few shutters inside the market and liked the “Girls On Top” shutter. Made me smile as I had just come from seeing the wonderful female artist being featured in the Saatchi Gallery. The irony is that Irony should have been featured there!!! The Mr Cenz looks even cooler above Iceland.. The low wall along Totterdown Street looks great with again another piece of artwork involving Irony.. Inside the market there is some very nice romantic artwork in next to the Love Arts stall that caught my eye!!

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