New Fanakapan Street Art “Gentrification” In Camden Town

Last week Camden Town saw the creation of the latest Street Art work from Fanakapan, an artist that just seems to up his game with every passing piece. On this occasion Fanakapan has created ‘Gentrification’, offering a very apt subject with all the redevelopments currently occuring in Camden Town, something which is sadly seeing the eradication of much Camden’s prime Street Art locations.  To illustrate the process undergoing Camden Town Fanakapan has superbly depicted flies swarming around as if on shit, setting to show how creation ultimately leads to destruction. In all another clever concept from Fanakapan and one superbly created through his larger than life 3D chrome creations that are just incredible to view.

Yet again London is left with another fantastic piece indeed from an artist who is never one to disappoint, and as you can see here, relentlessly striving to add new elements and styles to his works. We here at London Calling Blog very much look forward to seeing where Fanakapan goes next with his wonderful artworks. This work can be found in Hawley Mews and was put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art.










6 comments on “New Fanakapan Street Art “Gentrification” In Camden Town

  1. It’s always exciting when an artist moves on from one phase to a new one. We have become used to Fanakapan’s ‘inflatables’ and it’s good to see these new departures. What, I wonder, shall we see from him next?

      • Thanks for pointing that out but I still think there has been a sea change and this is also indicated by the piece in the Brick Lane pub car park.

        I think the fact that the latter was painted over a previous work of his emphasises the point.

  2. All good artists have a style but are still open to evolve and develop old and new techniques.. Sometimes the sheer need to be noticed by the world can stunt their artistic licence.. A comfort zone can be a happy place but also a restraint…. The equilibrium is a fine balance between this maybe. As for Fanakapan… I’m sure even if he painted with just a toothbrush it would look stunnnning!!! So in agreement with you Silver Tiger that diversity can be very pleasing on the eye (.) (.)

    • To both Mitch & Silver Tiger one only has to look back to what Fanakapan was painting little over a year ago to see how much his work has evolved in to this new style, we say ‘evolved’ as you can see hints of this particular artists progression through certain works that clearly lead to the next step in his repertoire. I think we can all agree that Fanakapan is exceptionally talented and very much likely to continue to push the boundaries of his capabilities in due time.

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