New Pang Street Art In Tooting

This afternoon we are back in Tooting, an area that is currently undergoing a colourful transformation due to the great work of The Real Art of Street Art and artist Irony, who have set to start decorating the Tooting Market and it’s surrounding walls with a series of beautiful murals. The project may be pretty fresh but it is already coming into its own, with this week alone seeing three superb works added to the developing outdoor gallery, and it is one of these works by Pang we are going going to take a look at right now.

Pang is an artist whose work we have long admired, on the street and from the studio, truly an artist with an exceptionally impressive range of styles and practicing mediums, mostly fueled with that sense of the surreal that is fundamentally Pang. One of the main things we love about Pang’s work is how she seems to be constantly pushing herself into new realms of depth and technique, as exemplified by this work below, certainly our favourite work that we here at London Calling Blog have thus far seen from her. Our favourite element of this new work is how she has combined her two main styles for painting on the street, realism and illustration, into one powerful whole. Here Pang has masterfully taken a very much Fine Art approach to her dominating portrait which is very much of a classical European persuasion, and then entirely spun the intensity and power of this image through the comical addition of her classic cowboy illustration character setting to buff out the portrait.

This work can be found along Tooting High Street and was put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art and Irony.








8 comments on “New Pang Street Art In Tooting

  1. Just the ash tray missing!! I’ve been enjoying seeing her artwork over the last couple of years and this one really gets lots of toots from me…

    • Well said Mitch, this is our favourite work from Pang to date, it’s fantastic to see how much she grows as an artist on the street, and with such a breadth of styles and techniques to use.

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