New Jobs Work On Jealous Gallery Rooftop

Well this time it’s not quite a new month yet, however the Jealous Gallery currently has a new piece on their roof’s feature wall as a part of the ongoing Jealous Rooftop Mural Project, with their first new wall of 2016. The latest work has only had a short three day life span, with the spot being offered before the next scheduled piece was put up, and features a first for this feature wall by being the first letter work up on the roof. The work is by South London Graffiti Writer Jobs who has hit up a delightful assortment of letters in a diverse range of typographical styles to create the word ‘Jealous’. Yet again we here at London Calling Blog were fortunate enough to be let up on the roof again by the kind staff of the Jealous Gallery and capture this piece to share with you all.



Jobs at work.






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