Dave The Chimp Paints The Village Underground

We are a bit behind on sharing this work, however a couple of weeks back English born, but Berlin based Street Artist Dave The Chimp has painted the iconic Village Underground feature wall in Holywell Lane for the Education is Not A Crime campaign. Taking on this mammoth wall the artist spent some three days at work and the piece depicts a scene comprising his human ‘bean’ characters, calling for change whilst parading placards proclaiming their desire for equality in education in Iran. This is part of the larger Not A Crime campaign, which here is specifically focused on the persecution of Iran’s Baha’i religious minority, who are currently denied the right to pursue higher education. Some five months back the Not A Crime charity had a work commissioned on this same wall by Polish Street Artist Zbiok for the Journalism Is Not A Crime campaign for persecuted journalists in Iran. You can view our post on this work (covered here).







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