New Kaes Street Art & Graffiti In Shoreditch

Over the last week or so Spanish born, but London based Graffiti artist Kaes has hit up an impressive trio of works all right on top of each other in Shoreditch. The first pair of works, comprising one tag and one of his distinct colourful female portraits, were placed up in Willow Street as part of his birthday paint celebrations with some fellow graffiti artists last week. The third work was placed up three days ago in Blackall Street and features a beautiful portrait set to a lovely colour palette, certainly a piece that grabs your attention when you pass it.

While not as focused on Graffiti here at London Calling Blog, we do enjoy seeing letter work from Kaes, who demonstrates an impressive range of styles in his works, however it is very much his simple yet striking character portraits which we love. They represent a fusion of character, colour and geometry, with the subject merging into and from the background, the shapes passing through the scene and character. These characters are often depicted in an expression of gasping shock, almost as if as opposed to being the spectacle, the painting is reacting to your presence. Kaes’ characters are quite reminiscent of Lichtenstein’s female characters, but are presented in a more modern fashion, also suggesting a sense of being more savvy than the more classic simpering damsels in Lichtenstein’s work. As you will see below, 2016 has already proved a good year for us in London in regards to Kaes output and we don’t doubt this somewhat prolific artist will hit out many more in the coming months, however in the mean time enjoy Kaes recent works in Shoreditch.



Work in Willow Street from Kaes’ Birthday painting session last week.



Work in Willow Street from Kaes’ Birthday painting session last week.


Works by Team & Tizer for Kaes’ birthday Paint Session last week. With Team painting on the left and Tizer painting the character and ‘Kaes’ tag on the right.  


Work in Blackall Street placed up three days ago and one of the best pieces we here at London Calling Blog have seen from this artist, so beautiful.


3 comments on “New Kaes Street Art & Graffiti In Shoreditch

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your great blog. I’m interested in getting in contact with some street artists to see if they’re interested in painting on some legal walls in my local park near Hammersmith. I’m the chairman of the park friends group and we would like to have the wall painted to bring some more public art into the park. If you have any idea of how to contact the artists, can you please let me know? Alternatively, please forward my details on to them.

    Thanks & regards
    Sean Adamson
    07969 490 746

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