All Female Paint Jam In Shoreditch

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday London’s first Street Art Paint Jam of 2016 took place in the alleyway that is Blackall Street in the heart of Shoreditch with an all female group of artists taking to the hoardings. Blackall Street represents an interesting location for Street Art, long popular with artists, the tiny unassuming street now presents a stretch of hoarding with a high turnover of Street Art and Graffiti on the one side and a wall which is one of the premier paste-up locations about the East End. Popular with Street Art fans and additionally with the ever growing number of Street Art tours which almost now define the area, Blackall Street is certainly a spot worth checking out regularly.

The Paint Jam was the result of a university student doing a project on Female Street Artists contacting Femme Fierce, who in turn contacted artist Giusi Tomasello who decided instead of painting alone for the students project, that she would set to muster forces and have a Paint Jam. As a result some eight artists got together and just set to have a fun couple of days painting together, and in the process left a delightful set of works in the centre of this little stretch of Shoreditch. All in all we have to say we had a great time over the two days, with some great works put up by the artists and seemingly constantly bumping into fellow enthusiasts and friends of ours at London Calling Blog, all making for the delightful atmosphere that permeated this casual and joyous paint session.


Artists prepping the hoardings on Saturday.


Pyklops at work.


Elno laying out her baselines.


Elno, Jane Mutiny & Giusi Tomasello at work.


Jane Mutiny at work.


Unity at work.


New Art Rioter laying out her baselines.


Giusi Tomasello at work.


Mondi at work.


Elno at work.


Giusi Tomasello at work as the night drew in.


Elno at work as the night drew in.


New Art Rioter at work in the dark.


Giusi Tomasello at work.


Jane Mutiny & Giusi Tomasello at work.


Jane Mutiny adding the final splatters of paint to tie up her work.


New Art Rioter at work.


Jane Mutiny at work.


Giusi Tomasello at work adding the final touches to her piece.


New Art Rioter mixing paints.


New Art Rioter at work adding the final touches to her piece.


Work by New Art Rioter, with the best piece we have seen yet from this newcomer to the scene. A real Pop Art vibe about this illustrative based work.


Detail of work by New Art Rioter.


Work by Mondi.


Work by Elno, with a superb piece. It fantastic to see this new direction Elno’s latest couple of works have taken and we look forward to seeing where it progresses.


Detail of work by Elno.


Work by Jane Mutiny, with a beautiful depiction of the Bateleur, which is Threatened in the wild. We love the painterly tone about Jane Mutiny’s work  accompanied by the drips and splats she creates when flicking paint to tie together her piece.


Detail of work by Jane Mutiny.


Detail of work by Jane Mutiny.


Striking work by Giusi Tomasello, with one of her distinct strong female characters set to flows of colour. We have long been fans of Giusi Tomasello’s works and it’s been quite some time since we saw her hit up fresh work in London, certainly worth the wait.


Detail of work by Giusi Tomasello.


Works by Unity & Pyklops.


Work by Unity.


Work by Pyklops.



6 comments on “All Female Paint Jam In Shoreditch

  1. One of the things I find exciting about street art is how many women artists there are practising it. This is rare in ‘conventional’ art where for every Frida Kahlo there are a hundred Renoirs and Picassos. A ‘paint jam’ of eight women seems to me an event of great and encouraging interest and we shall certainly jump off the bus and take a look at the art.

    For my money, Shoreditch has become ‘the capital of street art’ and long may it remain so!

    Thanks to you, too, London Calling, for so assiduously keeping up with the ever evolving street art scene and laying down a precious record of artists and their works.

    • Firstly Silver Tiger thank you for your kind words, nice to know people enjoy what we do purely for fun. We won’t be stopping this anytime soon either.

      Secondly, it’s is fantastic how many female artists have taken to the streets and are getting recognition for their talents. Something as you say that is less prevalent in most periods of art history. Lucky us for that we get to witness it.

      If you get the chance to swing by and check these fresh works out in the flesh, do so, you won’t be disappointed.

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