New Psychodoodlz Collaboration In Leake Street

Sunday was certainly a fantastic day to be in Leake Street, with three separate Paint Jams simultaneously underway, offering a wide array of fantastic art to enjoy being constructed amid a jovial and relaxed atmosphere that permeated through the artists, the pieces they painted and with those in attendance admiring the spectacle. We have already covered the Star Wars Paint Jam in the previous post (covered here), the ‘Fresh’ mini-paint jam (covered here) and now are going to share the process and results from the third Paint Jam from group Psychodoodlz, who were joined by Skeleton Cardboard who really added his own sense of delightful madness and charm to the piece.

We last caught up with Psychodoodlz when they painted the first work on the Leake Street ceiling some seven weeks ago (covered here), who were out on Sunday to celebrate Pschodoodlz founder Marc Craig’s birthday in the most appropriate manner, by painting a large and lengthy collaboration. Not all of the Psychodoodlz crew were in attendance, however the five that were, with the addition of Skeleton Cardboard joining for the day, certainly made good the space they commandeered and left their own brand of innocent spontaneous collaborative artwork on the tunnel walls. It was again a pleasure to catch this group put together such an elaborate and large-scale mural in Leake Street, all were in fine spirits, merely enjoying painting with one another, generating a nice relaxed atmosphere which infused the days work.


New Art Rioter at work.


Psychodoodlz at work along the wall.


Fortress at work.




Marc Craig at work.


Kednog at work.


New Art Rioter & Skeleton Cardboard at work.


Marc Craig & New Art Rioter at work.



Nolij at work.


The finished piece Sunday evening.



Section 1 of the finished wall.


Section 2 of the finished wall.


Section 3 of the finished wall.


Section 4 of the finished wall.


Finally section 5 of the finished wall, offering a glimpse as to how lengthy this delightful work was.


Detail shot of part of the work.


Detail shot of part of the work.

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