‘Fresh’ Paint Jam In Leake Street

Sunday was certainly a fantastic day to be in Leake Street, with three separate Paint Jams simultaneously underway, offering a wide array of fantastic art to enjoy being constructed amid a jovial and relaxed atmosphere that permeated through the artists, the pieces they painted and with those in attendance admiring the spectacle. We have already covered the Star Wars Paint Jam in the previous post (covered here), and are now taking at look at the ‘Fresh’ mini-paint jam. The event saw some four artists painting pieces around The Vault, all painting in conjunction with the last day of the ‘Fresh’ exhibition which was in The Vault, with each artist in the process leaving some delightful additions to the ever-changing walls of Leake Street.


Hannah Adamaszek at work on an entirely freehand piece.


Works by Skeleton Cardboard & Hannah Adamaszek.


Work by Hannah Adamaszek, with a beautiful painterly depiction of a wolf in her distinct trademark textured style and colour palette.


Detail of work Hannah Adamaszek.


Work by Blair Zaye.


Elno at work.


Elno at work.


Elno at work.


Elno at work.


Elno towards the end of her work, by now drawing in quite the audience.


Superb finished piece from Elno, with the best work we here at London Calling Blog have yet to see from her. It’s really great to see such intricate work from Elno, set to a rich and vibrant colour scheme which is certainly striking.




2 comments on “‘Fresh’ Paint Jam In Leake Street

  1. The Elno piece was also my fav of the day. btw – all the work on the wall at the Waterloo/York Road end – in pastel colours. Was that done on Sunday too? I documented pretty much everything on Monday when I popped along. Cheers for any info.

    • Hi Tanya, sorry for the delay, all the stuff in pastel colours at the other end were for a charity event to riase awareness and funds for Cancer research and created the day before the three Paint Jams we featured here. Also that is the best work we have seen from Elno yet, she did an excellent job.

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