HNRX Street Art Around London

Over the last couple of weeks London has played host to Austrian Street Artist HNRX, who works with his own brand of comic-surrealism. Whilst he has been over we have seen some thirteen works from HNRX with pieces dotted around Shoreditch and the Brick Lane area, as well as two pieces to be found in Camden Town and one in Leake Street. Through his work HNRX sets to transmit a sense of fun and joy, keeping his work free of political or social statements, he sets to merely present a surreal scene of humour or love, as is depicted in the common themes of the sausage, in the case of humour and through his depiction of lips, in the case of love.



Work in King John Court, Shoreditch. 



Work in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch. 



Work in Brick Lane.


Work in Hanbury Street.


Work in Grimsby Street.


HNRX at work in Grimsby Street.


Work in Grimsby Street.


Work behind the Nomadic Community Gardens.


Work in Star Yard.


Work in Fashion Street.


Work in Bethnal Green.



Interesting work of what appears to be Four-Alarm Chili, placed up on the Leake Street ceiling.





Work off of Ferdinand Street, Camden Town. This wall was put up with support from Global Street Art.


Work in Camden Town.


One of several slap attacks we have seen, in this case in Camden Town.

One comment on “HNRX Street Art Around London

  1. it’s good that he not considered himself as an street artist or as a writer because he is the total opposit of it. If companys like mc donald’s would make a commercial on a street now one else would see this as art. for sure he is good in doing it, so mc donalds is doing good in selling burgers. graffiti or so called “streetart” it’s also now just a part of a capitalist culture and not anymore a counter culture of it. If he realy is saying that his art is not a political statement or “what happens around the world” so it’s meaningless…so fuck it

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