New Otto Schade Works Around London – December 2015

Over the last four to five weeks, London based Chilean Street Artist Otto Schade aka Osch has certainly been busy laying down six new stencil works in the East End and Camden Town, five of which we have to share with you, with the sixth work in Brixton proving a problem to capture due to the opening hours of the shop it resides.

Otto was born in Chile. where he initially studied Architecture at the Bio Bio University and Construction and Design Architecture in Concepcion, Chile. In his career as a successful architect, he has been awarded for both public and private projects. Artistically Otto has always felt a fascination for the Surrealists, and this influence has made Otto turn his creative skills to painting, which has become his strongest passion.

Otto’s painting styles range from the abstract and surreal. Working predominantly with oil paint, and incorporating practices such as collage, illustration and stencil. The themes behind his compositions read in a personal, metaphorical sense with a sharp, ironic touch. Otto has long been a major star on the London street art scene and we here at London Calling Blog for one consider him to be one of the best artists around and find his two main street styles (both demonstrated below) to offer a combination of the creative and fun with his ribbon effect style creations which offer so much flowing intricacy to look at, and offer a glimpse at his former career as an architect, countered by his stark and incredibly powerful silhouette pieces, which really do just stop you in your tracks.


Otto Schade at work in Camden Town.


Reappearance of what was Otto Schades first stencil work in London a few years back. Unfortunately this work didn’t last long with the owners of the property on which it was on painting it out overnight. 


‘Aubrey The Snooker Player’ in Camden Town, offering a lovely addition to his three other long-lasting ribbon-based works on the same building.



‘Days Are Numbered’ in Hoxton Street. As is often the case in Otto’s silhouette works, it presents a stark thought-provoking image set to a serene and contrasting bright background. In this instance the work sets to look at the precarious existence of the natural world at the hands of mans destruction.


This piece is interesting for the use of a double silhouette, with the superb rippling effect reflection below the main image.



‘Full Circle’ in Brick Lane. Offering a very poignant subject matter with the current state of affairs on the global stage. A piece that echoes the futility in history repeating itself,




‘David vx Golliath’ in Old Street.  A work we saw placed up in Fashion Street at the beginning of this year, but making a fresh appearance to mark the final contribution from Otto Schade to London’s streets for 2015. Osch will be back in the new year and we don’t doubt he will be as consistently proactive throughout 2016 as he has this year.



4 comments on “New Otto Schade Works Around London – December 2015

  1. Question for you… I remember seeing and snapping that stencil of the baby sitting on the police helmet next to the Banksy on the corner of Aklam Road, West London… Was that done by Otto?

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