Street Art & Graffiti For Victims Of Paris Attacks 2015

Well it has been just over two weeks since the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November which saw a tragic loss of 130 lives, marking the deadliest attacks on French soil since the Second World War. Following the horrific attacks there has been a series of gestures from nations and states offering condolences and unity exemplified through the projection of the Tricolour on landmarks around the globe, with #prayforparis on social media sites and in some cases in the form of a painting as demonstrated in the four works we have spotted about London in the last couple of weeks, with a range of artists from different backgrounds putting together fitting and touching tributes.


Work by Gee, placed up in Leake Street the day after the attacks.


‘Paix Sur La Terre’ by Lovepusher, placed up in the Stockwell Hall Of Fame the weekend of the attacks.


Work by Coe One, placed up in the Stockwell Hall Of Fame the weekend of the attacks.


‘To Paris With Love…’ by Nathan Bowen, placed up on some hoardings in Tottenham Court Road, featuring some 19 of his characters, all diverse in appearance and all bearing the Tricolour before them in a sign of solidarity and unity from all quarters.



‘To Paris With Love…’









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