‘Death In Dalston’ Exhibition Opens At BSMT Space

Last night saw the opening of the Death In Dalston’ exhibition opened at the BSMT Space in Dalston, presenting a curious collection of skulls celebrating Halloween & Dia de los Muertos. This is certainly an interesting show, and to our knowledge, the only Halloween and Dia de los Muertos themed exhibition on this year. The show brings together a diverse range of mediums, from canvasses and prints, to sculptures and full on installation pieces. This exhibit which was curated by Speckles76 and Lara F also demonstrates the potential of this newly established gallery, being only their second major show and offering a completely different range of works and of artists to the previous exhibition held last month (covered here).

Skulls are the theme of this exhibition and that is certainly what this show primarily offers in its varying forms. Obviously our primary interest in exhibitions, especially group shows, relate to the inclusion of works from Street Artists, this show has plenty of that and some very interesting works from artists who don’t practice on the streets. However it is in several cases the works from Street Artists, creating pieces very much outside the remit of what we have come to expect that provided the highlights, with the most noticeable case of this here being the contributions to the show from Morgandy.

The BSMT Space can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road and the ‘Death In Dalston’ show runs until November 2nd, so if you haven’t already, head along to see the great show for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.


Work by Frankie Strand, with a real party vibe about it.


Work by Paul Insect.


Work by Ali Hamish, one of the highlights of the show for us.


Great array of works by Skeleton Cardboard.


Work by Skeleton Cardboard.


Works by Skeleton Cardboard. We absolutely adored the shrine constructed by Skeleton Cardboard for the occasion.


Work by Skeleton Cardboard.


Work by Skeleton Cardboard.


Standout work by Nick Flatt, just superb.


Fantastic work by Illustre Feccia, an artist we have only recently discovered but are increasinly impressed by with each work we see from him.


Detail of work by Illustre Feccia.


Great trio of works by Gary Alford.


Work by Gary Alford.


Work by Gary Alford.


Work by Gary Alford.


Work by Alfie Black, which represents a rather interesting choice of medium, constructed through pieces of mirror, leaving this large-scale (this picture doesn’t do justice to the scale of this skull) reflective sculpture, which took some 300 hours to create.


Impressive work by Tommy Fiendish.


Work by Andy Wetherall.


Work by Frankie Strand.



Work by Sequin Kay & Lauren Baker. decorated with sequins and Swarovski crystals.


Great work by Morgandy and our favourite sculpture skull from the show amid tough competition.


Work by Morgandy.


Work by Bert Gilbert.


Work by Lennie Lee.


Intricate work by Perspicere, which really utilized the space he had in this little pocket of the gallery. .


Work by Ross Elliott, made from typeface laser etched onto wood.


Work by Otto Schade, offering an intricate ribbon based depiction of a skull.


Great work by Si Mitchell, one of our favourite illustrators.


Work by Si Mitchell.

5 comments on “‘Death In Dalston’ Exhibition Opens At BSMT Space

  1. Looks like a fantastically, wonderfully surreal show and the perfect way to kick-off Halloween! Morgan Davy’s skull is amazing and completely different to his usual free-flowing murals that appear all over London and Croydon’s Arts Quarter although I can just make out his signature style on the top of the skull? Thank you London’s Calling.

    • Yeah, a really great array of works in this show indeed Cr0streetart and Mogan DAvy’s work really was a sight to behold, as you say fantastic to see some more of his scope of artistic output.

  2. Hello. Your excellent post whetted my appetite for this exhibition. Popped along today and was blown away by range of work. Any one else reading this and can get to this new great gallery in Dalston, do go if you can. On until Sunday 1st (inclusive).

    • Thanks Tanya, that is exactly what we like to hear, that we have helped spread the word and that others get to enjoy in the process. The array of pieces really is exemplary for sure and we couldn’t agree more on the fact that this gallery is new, but certainly making a name for itself fast.

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