New Trust Icon Street Art Around London October 2015

Over the last week or so we have been treated to two new delightful and spectacular works around London from our favourite resident stencil artist Trust Icon. In his work Trust Icon set’s to capture a moment or a snapshot from his, and many peoples, childhood, combined with his own style of poignant insight or humour injected into each work, making his style his very own and his works what they are. It’s as if Icon with each piece gets to relive a moment from his youth, almost to be a child again, and in the process sets to create something which many people can relate too. The vast majority of works from Icon instantly bring a smile to the face upon viewing and force the viewer to reflect on their childhood and his delightful view of such characters.


The first work was placed up at the beginning of last week in Bethanl Green with support from The Hidden Streets Of London. This work is entitled ‘Sponge Bob’ and depicts the sponge based cartoon character been used in the shower by a lady, tactfully placed to save any sense of indecency in the work.





This spectacular work was placed up (or down) in Camden Town two days ago, with support from The Real Art of Street Art and is certainly one of the highlights from Icon’s prolific output around London in 2015, no easy feat to choose from. The work is entitled ‘Financial Suicide’ and has been painted on to the floor, depicting the chalk outline of Mr. Monopoly (originally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags) accompanied by painted blood stain, strewn and blood spattered genuine Monopoly currency and all set within a police cordon. This piece is fantastic and looks fantastic as you approach and more so once you get up close, certainly an all round mixed media installation.



The work as viewed from down the road in which it resides.




Superbly added Monopoly money covered in the appropriate blood stain effect.







2 comments on “New Trust Icon Street Art Around London October 2015

  1. I first came across Trust Icon a couple of years ago when I saw his Thomas the Tank paste ups on Blackhall Street. I remember then thinking this artist is very amusing I hope it’s not a one off.. Since then his work has developed into stencil and spray and always makes me smile and brightens the dullest days! I do hope you feature a lot more from of his art!

    • Agreed Mitch, his work never fails to bring a smile to our faces when we see it. If you click on his Tag at the bottom of the post, you will ne able to see all the posts that feature works from him, we have featured or posted on 27/28 works he has placed up in London this year, the 1 we didn’t only last 6 hours, so we never got a picture. Additionally Trust Icon was our very first post. We will continue to share his works!!!!! Glad you like them Mitch!

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