New Mr Cenz Street Art In Soho

Of late Street Artist Mr Cenz has certainly been rather active around London’s streets, replacing several of his long standing walls with fresh new coverings, however over the last few days Mr Cenz has been at work on his latest piece of London Street Art on a fresh new location, new to any murals. Intriguingly on this occasion Cenz’s freshest work is very much off the beaten track for Street Art, placed up in Berwick Street, Soho, an area which for the most part is largely devoid of any murals or paintings of this scale.

The work as one would expect is foremost very striking, featuring one of Mr Cenz’s distinctive female portraits, however this work represents an interesting twist on Cenz’s trademark subject, with the portrait being set amid a more sky and landscape driven setting, and depicting the subject laying down facing the sky. Few artists have been as proactive as Mr Cenz of late and we are fairly sure it won’t be to long before we have yet another stunning work from Mr Cenz to share with you. In the meantime enjoy the images we have here for you and revel in the fact that such high quality murals are spreading further afield around London.










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