New Lovepusher Work ‘The Greater Glory’ For Brixton Bloc

One week ago Graffiti Writer Lovepusher was at work in the recently established Brixton Bloc to lay out this large scale and superb 3D work, entitled ‘The Greater Glory’. Having began painting in 1995 and since then has transitioned from painting a more traditional urban form of typography to his current futuristic 3D creations. In the process developing his own glowing style of painting using light, shade and perspective in order to make his works pop off the walls on which they adorn. What is also noticeable is that Lovepusher is an exception to the general rule of Graffiti Writers writing their Artist name as their signature tag, however Lovepusher’s tag is Jesus, which as a subject certainly works with the glowing effect his works are imbued with.

Brixton Bloc is a community space, providing fresh walls as canvasses, food, drinks and music opened for local residents, artists and musicians to celebrate Brixton’s culture in a creative and social outlet. Located at 143 Stockwell Road next to the Stockwell Skate Park and behind the Stockwell Hall of Fame, the space will be open for the next six or so months, and currently is home to several more graffiti pieces, with space for many more works that will surely turn this space into a great destination to see high-quality Graffiti.








7 comments on “New Lovepusher Work ‘The Greater Glory’ For Brixton Bloc

  1. Looks a great place to visit and on the Brixton street art route!! Looking forward to going down there for sure. Such talent from Lovepusher and always a pleasure seeing his work!!.

    • Yes Mitch, Lovepusher is on another level of Graffiti talent and this is i think the best piece of his we have sen yet. This space is one to watch, they already have another 6-7 works and space for many more, it’s going to look fantastic.

  2. Went down there Friday afternoon and what a lovely friendly quirky place to chill out!!! Lots of things in the pipe line Wesley the cutrator was telling me over a beer… Love the large canvas open tent…

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