New Work From Adam In Bethnal Green

We are not entirely sure when this was placed up, however on our latest venture down Bethnal Green we were delighted to see this wonderful piece, and all the more so to discover the story behind it. The piece is a spoof of the famous painting The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David, which depicts the murdered French Revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat. In this work the note held in the subjects hand in the original piece is substituted with a notice from Network Rail exclaiming ‘Dear Tenants, Please Pack Your Bags’, a detail which is in reference to the very real fact that due to planned redevelopment works in this immediate area the current business residing along the arches will be evicted in the process of further gentrification of the East End.

The piece was painted by Adam and a friend (this is all we know of the artists), who work in the iron works opposite the piece, and having being inspired by the transformation that has occurred along this street in the last year or so, due to the diligent work of Hidden Street of London, who have added colour and creativity to the walls, decided they would like to have a go at painting a wall and in the process have crafted this delightful and topical work. This work represents the power of public and Street Art to inspire and has resulted in this duo having a go and proving pretty damn good at it, we hope they continue with such ventures. We also absolutely love the cheeky twist of the addition of a rubber duck to a classical styling.





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