New Airborne Mark Work In Camden Town

As well as the Waleska Nomoura piece showed in the previous post, last Saturday also saw Airborne Mark add his newest London work to Camden Town, making for his third current work in Camden Town, all with support from The Real Art of Street Art.

For this piece Airborne Mark went with a design of a Fox, which was based on an original paper design from Vietnamese Origami master Hoàng Tiến Quyết. On this occasion offering a rather colourful central subject, very bright with the dominating orange, set to a bold plain black background. The shadow and fold effect Airborne Mark creates to make his works pop off the wall is always a pleasure to gaze upon and really shows how meticulous he is in his work. What is most fun about this piece is that Airborne Mark has positioned the Fox so it is looking directly at Picachew in the adjacent Trust Icon piece, ready to eat up his prey, cheeky and well thought out touch





Also check out this video from Airborne Mark, in order to gain some insight into the build up of this delightful work.

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