New Waleska Nomura Work ‘Love Is Freedom’ In Camden Town

It has taken us a few days, but we finally headed back to Camden today to see the many fresh pieces put up, with support from The Real Art of Street Art, since the weekend, including this lovely piece from Brazilian Street Artist Waleska Nomura. This work was also assisted by the organization of Pigment.

Waleska Nomura is an entirely self-taught artist, who started her career as a Graffiti Writer on the streets of Sao Paulo, moving onto canvas and developing her own brand of warm and soulful characters taking her work in a more figurative direction on the streets. Her work is currently driven by her message of “Spreading the Love and Positive Energy to the World”, and that is exceptionally well emphasized in this fresh piece in Camden Town entitled ‘Love Is Freedom’, a work imbued with an angelic focus, that really just radiates a sense of warmth, connection and serenity..






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