New Autone Work In Camden Town

Over Sunday & Monday, Polish Street Artist Autone was in Camden Town to lay out his first work in Camden, put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art. Autone studied Architecture and Urban Planning at Gdańsk University of Technology, and has been practicing Graffiti and Street Artist 1998 and now sets to fuse his education with his passion for Street Art to explore the city and depict this through his geometrically defined organic works. For Autone the City is a living organism, focusing on the spatial structure and dynamic between space and shadow. This work here is reminiscent of an aerial view of routes through a city, depicting how one place or element leads to the next, interconnected in a state of total growth. A great work and pleasure to gaze upon.






In the square above the Hawley Mews street sign, you can spy some of the previous work on this wall by KEF!, who works in a more rounded abstract style, but yet sits so well among this latest work from Autone.


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