Russian Street Artist Misha Most Work In Star Yard

Last week Russian Street Artist Misha Most passed through London and hit up a fresh work in Star Yard, Brick Lane. Misha had a work in the very same spot for a few months earlier this year and as he passed through the area he decided to reclaim this spot, taking up two of the car park bays in the process and leaving a thoughtful work that really juxtaposes elements of good and evil through his use of bright and dark tones, in his loose cartoon styling.

Misha Most paints scenes filled with people with the focus being on the characters that feature bright smiling faces, placed typically at the forefront of the piece, as this is what the eye will draw upon initially, whilst behind these characters lie the dark and grim reality of the featureless and darker position of his view of the world, filled with extremists, police states and war torn surroundings.


We really love how the pieces of woods and barrels add to the imagery of a besieged city, debris everywhere.







Its always a pleasure to see something a little different in London from a visiting artist and this is no exception, and now we have been lucky enough to see two works from Misha this year, let’s see how long this lasts.


Misha’s previous work placed up in Star Yard earlier this year.



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