ATM At The Whitecross Street Party 2015

As is often the case when we get to see some live painting we like to take the opportunity to share some of the process involved in building up the work, so from The Whitecross Street Party we thought we would share with you here the work of ATM. Working on a 4×4 board ATM spent some five hours building up his depiction of a Hawfinch, quite a short time for his works even with the smaller surface to work on. ATM whose work focuses on painting realistic depictions of endangered birds from the UK, often in a run down urban environment, setting to draw attention to the plight of his subjects. ATM’s works are painted entirely by palette and brush which really makes for the layered and textured painterly effect in his beautiful works, always set to a plain and often pale coloured background to really make the main work pop. For The Whitecross Street Party a Hawfinch was ATM’s subject of choice, a bird whose populations are in the decline in the UK largely to increasing urban expansion. It was a pleasure to get the chance to witness ATM building up his work throughout the event and to gaze upon the striking finished work.


ATM just beginning to apply the first colours to the outlined work.






The work really coming together at this stage.



The central figure virtually finished and time to add the background colours.


ATM adding some of the finishing touches to his delightful contribution to the day.


The beautiful finished work.


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