Airborne Mark At Meeting Of Styles 2015

Next up in our in depth look at some of the works from Meeting Of Styles we have Airborne Mark who for the occasion was working from a design made exclusively for him, the Origami Rascal, which is based on anti-facial recognition technology. Airborne Mark has used this design in Camden & Bethnal Green and on this occasion decided to paint the similar piece in a two-tone combo of grey and purple for some contrast. Airborne Mark was at work for the duration of the festival, meticulous in his proportions, shadows and work in general, and despite work nearly being halted due to the hour or so severe rainfall that hit early Sunday evening, Airborne Mark stormed on through and finished his work as the festival concluded and the sun finally set on a great weekend of Street Art & Graffiti. It was a pleasure to get to see this intricate work completed on what turned out to be the most interesting ‘canvas’ of the weekend and in the process creating a truely mobile piece of Street Art.


Airborne Mark setting out the initial grid lines early Saturday afternoon to determine the correct proportions for his origami focused work. 





Initial outlines down, the hardest task achieved.


Work-in-progress after 5 hours on Saturday.


Work-in-progess at the start of Sunday’s work. 


Airborne Mark at work on the finer details of the feature work.




Airborne Mark at work Sunday evening.



Airborne Mark adding the finishing touches to his work late Sunday evening,


The finished work after two days hard effort.


Mobile Origami Rascal.

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