FPLO & Morgazmik At Meeting Of Styles 2015

Next up in our in depth look at some of the works from Meeting Of Styles we have this beautiful and bright collaboration from Brazilian Street Artist FPLO and London’s own Morgazmik. This was one of our favourite works from the weekend that is made all the more impressive by the fact that this duo who blended their two styles so seamlessly hadn’t planned to work together, but were merely put together by the events organizer Jim Vision, who rightly felt that these two should do a piece together, and you can’t argue with the result. FPLO who paints bright and colourful depictions of tropical animals and tribal characters and Morgazmik who paints organic and fluid geometric based works really worked well together on this piece that really has that summer vibe about it.


Morgazmik starting his work out in the glorious sunshine.


Morgazmik & FPLO at work.


FPLO at work.




Work-in-progress Sunday evening.


The stunning and lengthy finished piece, really catching the summer festival vibe, which really blends well with the work from Autone on the right.


Central characters from FPLO with the flanks and background work from Morgazmik.


Detail of work from Morgazmik.


Characters from FPLO, the centre piece of the work.


A Macaw from FPLO.


A Toucan by FPLO set upon Morgazmik’s flowing swirls, punctuated by a pixel effect that ties in superbly with Autone’s work on the right.

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