New Works From Cranio In Shoreditch & Camden

It’s been a month now since Brazilian Street Artist Fabio Oliveira aka Cranio and in that time has now laid out some seven works thus far, with the first four (covered here). Over the last week Cranio has laid out 3 new works, with the first in Rivington Street, Shoreditch one of the prime locations for Street Art in the area, and already home to two works by Cranio from previous visits. In addition to this work Cranio has ventured out of the East End and hit up two pieces in Camden Town, with support from The Real Art of Street Art. It’s been a pleasure keeping tracks on Cranio’s work from his current visit to London and we hope to see some more before he departs from the city.


Work in Rivington Street.





Work in Camden Town, classic Cranio.


This is our favourite of the most recent trio of works from Cranio.



The second work in Camden Town, a rooftop depiction of Batman, which looks superb from below, standing above you as you pass through this little street. This picture is from street level.


Rooftop view of Cranio’s Batman work.


We would like to say a big thank you to The Real Art Of Street Art for granting us access to the rooftop work from Cranio.

2 comments on “New Works From Cranio In Shoreditch & Camden

  1. That Cranio has gone indeed, it was a great piece but the great art continues, got to be quick sometimes, more walls than artists. You can still spy the rooftop Cranio work though.

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