Brazilian Street Artist Cranio Hits London

Over the last couple of weeks London has been treated to a a series of new pieces from Brazilian Street Artist Fabio Oliveira aka Cranio, currently on his third visit to the UK. Laying out a series of his distinctive and trademark characters of indigenous tribesman, living off the spoils of selling off their land. His characters are always a treat to witness, with a few of his works from previous trips still to be seen about London, however it’s been superb to see his latest additions to London over the last two weeks.


The first work from his current trip in Brick Lane.



Great fusion of styles with Sliks abstract background pattern, Bailon’s delightful bird & Cranio’s trademark cartoon Brazilian indigenous tribesman character up to no good.


Detail of Cranio’s cheeky addition to the piece.


Large scale collaboration with fellow Brazilian artists Bailon & Sliks on Pritchard’s Road, with support from Global Street Art.


Detail of works from Sliks & Cranio.



Superb collaboration from this trio of Brazilian artists.


Work from Cranio at Fleet St Hill, behind Brick Lane, from last weekends The Greenhouse Effect Paint Jam.




Work-in-progress on Thursday in Pedley Street, a wall which tends to see nothing but the finest calibre of artists and one which Cranio has painted in the past.



Cranio finishing up the work on Friday evening.


Cranio’s finished work and currently his largest on this visit to London. This wall was put up with support from Global Street Art also.



Love the detail on and around this character. Iphone tucked into wasteband, surrounded by money and fleeing birds, while hunched over the laptop computer. Very much classic Cranio.



Cranio is in London for a couple more weeks and we don’t doubt in that time he will hit up some more pieces for us to enjoy, and when he does we shall set out to catch and share them.

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