A Weekend Of New Works In Bethnal Green

This last weekend in Bethnal Green a series of pieces were put up on a set of walls, in a secluded road, by Street Artists and Graffiti Writers alike. Bethnal Green has increasingly propelled itself into a top destination to see Street Art of late, the vast majority of this work is done through the support of The Hidden Streets Of London, as is the case with the four works put up over the weekend, covered here. Saturday saw 0707 and Jask working on a collaborative piece, whilst on Sunday Irony was joined by a pair of female Graffiti Writers, Pixie and Candie.


On Saturday this collaboration between 0707 & Jask was put up, great blending of two diverse styles here.



Irony with one of his hyper-realistic portraits, always a pleasure to see.



Colourful work from Pixie.


Shining work from Candie.

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