New Works From Pang In Bethnal Green

Last week in Bethnal Green Street Artist Pang laid out two works in Bethnal Green, both with support from The Hidden Streets Of London, and we finally made it down the other day to capture the second piece and share them both with you. Pang’s characters in varying degrees of depth, style and size can be spied absolutely all over London where there is any form of Street Art presence, so it was great to see these two fresh and decent sized walls put up just last week.


Pang at work near the end of her work on her first of two pieces from last week.


Great mixing of Pang’s two main styles with the more classical depiction of a God in her 3D styling, accompanied by the soul and ghost like characters in her classic 2D styling.



The second piece on a larger scale and set in a more classic styling of Pang’s. Surreal and quite anarchic in content, with so much going on and to attempt to take in upon witnessing.




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