Louis Masai Paints For Save Brixton Arches Campaign

On Sunday in Brixton artist Louis Masai headed to the Station Arches and laid out not one, but two works for the Street Art project. The crux of the situation is that Network Rail intend to evict the current tenants of the shops along the railway arches spanning Station Road and Atlantic Road, in the name of redevelopments and make the new rates of rent so high, that it will be impossible for this community of non-chain store outlets to survive and continue from these spots in the future. So it was with this in mind that the project after initiation from the local tenants was set up by the fine organisation of artist and contributor PINS, who has set forth to organise a group of notable and talented artists to take a shutter each, and allow them creative licence to work their magic, and the most recent works are these fine pieces from Louis Masai.


Louis Masai’s first work, not content with just this piece on a single door shutter, set forth for to make a larger work.


The second and stunning work put up by Louis Masai depicting the Endangered Brazilian Greater Otter in his patchwork cuddly toy motif, as explored in his current ‘Batteries Not Included’ exhibition (covered here).

P1230656The idea behind the patchwork cuddly toy motif is that one day these animals will only be seen in the form of toys, models of their former existence, and its easy to draw comparisons between the state of the community around the Brixton Arches, a very fitting addition to a superb art gallery that is forming in Brixton.

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