Elno & Krap/Crap Exhibition At Number 90, Hackney Wick

Currently at Bar Number 90 on Hackney Wick is the collaborative exhibition from Elno & Krap/Crap. Elno who is from Spain and Krap/Crap who is from France, make a good duo for this joint exhibition in that they are both emerging artists on London’s Street Art scene and that they both share a prevailing theme of character based works, often set in surreal, anarchic and fantasy scenes. Elno’s works tend to offer haunting undertones with sad almost suffering subjects prevalent, where as Krap/Craps is a tad more menacing with a slightly more apocalyptic approach to his works. The exhibition features, individual solo works and a few collaborative pieces on a variety of mediums and certainly worth checking out.


Little Hero – by Elno.


Clarte Indeniable – by Krap/Crap.


Random – by Elno & Krap/Crap. Great collaborative painting in canvas from this duo, got it all.


My Blonde Monster – by Elno. This was our favourite of Elno’s contributions to the show.


Death & Above – by Krap/Crap.


Mythical Being Of The Forest – by Elno.


London Fuckers – by Krap/Crap.


Suko – By Elno.


Spaiki – by Elno.


Walk This Way – by Krap/Crap. This was our favourite of Krap/Crap’s contributions to the show.


For the purposes of this exhibition Elno & Krap/Crap couldn’t resist the chance to paint the two sections of feature wall in Number 90. Very good work that pretty much encapsulates the whole exhibit.


Detail of Krap/Crap’s main work for the wall.


Detail of Elno’s main work for the wall.

The exhibition runs until June 6th so you have a few weeks yet to enjoy this show yet.

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