New ‘Rise & Shine’ Work From Fanakapan In Brick Lane

Over the weekend just off of Brick Lane the talented Fankapan was at work putting up some of his ‘Helium Graff’ lettering over a work of his that had stood in the same spot for some six months. The premise for the piece was to write out ‘Rise & Shine’ on the basis that the helium balloons Fanakapan is depicting do in fact both rise and very much shine. It’s hard to argue this point and we wouldn’t anyway, it’s been a pleasure to witness our third example of Fanakapan’s latest styling, this time on a much larger scale. It was a bigger pleasure to be able on this occasion to met Fanakapan who was more than kind in giving us some time and insight into his recent works, and to be able to witness and share the hard work that went into this piece. The first thing of note while watching Fanakapan work is that he is very meticulous in his work, despite his very casual approach to it, we know this is contradictory, but it is the case. Over the three days, with a constant flow of people stopping by to interrupt the artist and compliment him on his work, Fanakapan steadily built up his piece, making them really bounce out of the wall in the process. Marvelous 3D work indeed.


Fanakapan at work on Day 1.


Fanakapan at work on Day 1.


Fanakapan at work on Day 1.


Work-in-progress after Day 2.


Work-in-progress after Day 2.


Fanakapan at work on Day 3.


Fanakapan at work on Day 3.


The incredible finished work and we assure you the photos don’t do the piece justice.



The white and blue flashes and highlights really bring the depth out in the piece.


The piece is even signed in Helium Graffiti style.


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