New Amara Por Dios Work In Camden Town

Over the course of three days at the end of last week Street Artist Amara Por Dios hit Camden Town, with support from The Real Art Of Street Art, to lay out this large scale and delightful work. Replacing the previous work on the same building front from Hunto, this was an excellent choice of artist for the next piece in this location. Amara Por Dios is no stranger to large scale walls, having painted her largest wall to date, The Village Underground in Shoreditch, some six or so months back. Over the three days Amara Por Dios created a large tribal portrait, very much in her distinct style, influenced by the arts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, in her bright colour palette of choice. As is often the case with her work, you can see for yourself all the intricate detail that has gone in to the making up of this piece, it really does grab your attention when you walk past.


Work-in-progress at the end of day 1.


Work-in-progress at the end of day 2.


Work-in-progress at the end of day 2.



The impressive finished piece.




As is most often the case, it’s so hard not to focus on the eyes of Amara Por Dios’s works.

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