Furia139 Street Art For The Save Brixton Arches Campaign

Seeing as we love sharing work in progress pictures alongside the finished articles we thought we would take the time here to show Furia139’s piece from Saturday’s Paint Jam in Brixton, for the Save Brixton Arches campaign. Working in a limited 2 hour time frame, the race was on for the artists to lay out their piece as fast as they could, and Furia was up to the challenge. For this occasion Furia decided to paint a portrait of a baby, facing in towards the Brixton Arches. All in all another great work from Furia and lovely addition to the many art works now lining the shutter of Atlantic Road & Brixton Station Road. Furia stated that it was an honour for him to be painting in Brixton for the campaign as he is a former resident of the area, having lived here some seven years previously. He certainly did the area and surrounding artworks justice with his lovely contribution.


Furia starting out at Noon.









Street Artists as far as the eye can see.


Furia adding the finishing touches to his piece as 2pm approached.


The striking finished piece.



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