New Works From Irony In Camden Town

This week Street Artist Irony hit Camden Town to lay out a duo of stunning portraits, putting the first piece up on Monday, just around the back of Camden Town Underground Station, and the second piece on Wednesday up along the Main High Street, both walls were provided with the support of The Real Art Of Street Art. Irony is a real master of Hyper-Realism portraits, his works are some of the finest we have seen in London and always stop you in your tracks. Few artists can bring its subject, in Irony’s case often people or animals, to life. Excellent additions to the superb art in Camden Town and fantastic compensation for the four works of his lost recently due to redevelopments and shared with you below his newest works.


This work just behind the Camden Town Underground Station is beautiful. The portrait is so striking and the effect of the background sunlight reflecting in the image is so impressive. 




Irony’s second and particularly striking portrait from this week. The red hair is so vibrant. Excellent use of the gap in the hoarding to create his work ‘Concealed Identities’



P1370120You can also check out this stunning flame thrower piece on Hawley Road, put up by Irony at the end of 2014.

We also thought we would take this chance to share the other works we have seen by Irony in Camden Town, now lost to the redevelopments in the area.

P1310235Collaboration with Boe, presenting what was a superb addition to their depictions of larger than life animals around London.


Irony’s contribution to the Camden Lock Market project, this shed was fittingly a record store.


Very humorous collaboration with Airborne Mark.


Superb collaboration, again with Airborne Mark, we loved this piece. You can really see the two artists work shine through. The piece’s subject speaks for itself.

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