Zina, Amara Por Dios & Flesh031 Hit Blackall Street

Today in Shoreditch, Street Artists Zina, Amara Por Dios & more traditional Graffiti Writer Flesh031 Hit Blackall Street and laid out a portrait each, side by side, and each very much in the artists own distinct styling. Not having really seen much street art from Flesh031 this piece was a great delight to see and it stands so well alongside Amara Por Dios’s work. We are more than familiar with the art of Amara Por Dios and Zina and as always each artist laid out a superb work that are just absorbing.


Very cool work from Flesh031. There’s a lot going in this piece and one can see the Graffiti roots in Flesh031’s character.



Stunning piece from Amara Por Dios in her trademark style, influenced by the arts of native America, North & South. 


The eyes in Amara Por Dios’s work are always so captivating. We have been lucky to see her paint a couple of times now and it’s fair to say the meticulous touches Amara Por Dios applys to her work shines through.



Zina’s beautiful portrait in her distinctive blue hues. Always a delight to see her work.


We have also been lucky enough to see Zina paint on a few occasions now and again the intense amount of effort that goes in to bringing her pieces to life really does shine through in the soulful tones Zina’s work displays.



Amara Por Dios’s & Zina’s pieces.


An excellent trio of portraits that really stand out in their own right, yet blend in so well also. A real treat to see and superb additions to the hoardings in Blackall Street. Head along if you can to see it while you can.

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