Trust Icon’s Genuine Article Exhibition On The Streets Of London, 14 Works In 14 Days

What can we say, it’s been an incredible two weeks in London with Trust Icon’s exhibition Genuine Article having taken place. With pieces laid out in North, East & West London, with support from The Real Art Of Street Art, Hidden Streets Of London & The Graffik Gallery in the respective areas of Camden Town, The East End & Notting Hill. For his Genuine Article exhibition Icon decided to dispense with a gallery to display his latest body of works and decided to take his Street Art exhibition to the streets, having setting to lay out 14 pieces over the 14 days. We have in some cases stumbled upon these delightful pieces in our pretty much nightly hunt of Icon’s latest addition, whilst other’s were a real effort to locate, but ultimately worth the effort in each and every case, and we would like to say thanks to the couple of people who helped us locate a work or two we were unable to source, immensely appreciated. As we have been able to witness and document all fourteen pieces over the breadth of the exhibition.

In his work Trust Icon set’s to capture a moment or a snapshot from his, and many peoples, childhood, combined with his own style of poignant insight or humour injected into each work, making his style his very own and his works what they are. It’s as if Icon with each piece gets to relive a moment from his youth, almost to be a child again, and in the process sets to create something which many people can relate too. The vast majority of works from Icon instantly bring a smile to the face upon viewing and force the viewer to reflect. In the case of us here it was Day 1 – Last Trip To Wonderland and Day 9 – Shine Box which instantly reminded us of our childhoods, courtesy of Disney, along with the Lego in Day 13 – Child Labour.

Our favourite five from the exhibition in no particular order were : Day 1 – Last Trip To Wonderland, Day 6 – Preservation, Day 9Shine Box, Day 12 – “Being poor isn’t so bad, it just requires a little more imagination” & Day 13 – Child Labour. So without further ado enjoy the complete incredible works from Trust Icon’s Genuine Article exhibition currently open for viewing around London.


Day 1 – Last Trip To Wonderland – Camden Town. 

What a start to the project with a somewhat more classic Icon subject of the fictitious colourful characters been accosted by the dull and dark police officers. Poor Alice.


Day 2 – Chain Chomp Gang – Shoreditch.


Day 3 – Snatch – Notting Hill.


Day 4 – “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets” – Camden Town.


Day 5 – Mickey – Hackney.

Excellent depiction of Mickey Mouse, so simple yet so amusing at the same time. A pleasure to stumble across and very aptly placed piece.


Day 6 – Preservation – Hackney.

One of our favourites from the two weeks. Love the image of ‘progress’ setting to destroy something as beautiful as a child like image of a flower.


Day 7 – Yoshi – Hackney Wick.

Excellent piece, when playing Super Mario you always wanted to be Yoshi, he was like the endless opportunity in the game, he could do anything that no one else could. You can do anything you want when you’re Yoshi.


Day 8 – Flea Collar – Regents Canal.

We really loved this piece of the balloon animal dog wearing a dogs buster collar. Again very well placed.


Day 9 – Shine Box – Bethnal Green.

Hadn’t thought of Duck Tales in have no idea how long. Would never have pictured Scrooge McDuck behaving like that as a child, brilliant piece. Probably our favourite piece of the exhibition.


Day 10 – Parental Guidance – Shoreditch.

What did you listen to in your school days? What influenced you?


Day 11 – No Flash Photography – Bethnal Green.

Very amusing piece taking the perspective of the very daunting perspective of the paintings vantage point. and an apt twist on the reality of the experience of visiting the Louvre and attempting to queue up to witness the Mona Lisa, the most viewed artifact in the world.


Day 12 – “Being poor isn’t so bad, it just requires a little more imagination” – Bethnal Green.

This piece was particularly touching, and superbly placed we might add, depicting a fundamental beauty of childhood, the kid may not have much but he will make the most of it, the child’s imagination is boundless. Very impressive piece.


Day 13 – Child Labour – Bethnal Green.

Striking piece from Icon demonstrating that childhood should be enjoyed, such as playing with Lego, perhaps my favourite toy as a child, and not spent as the victims of some oppressive regime or culture.


Day 14 – Warp Zone – Bethnal Green.

Just like that the level was over, mission complete, 14 pieces in 14 days. What a fortnight it has been and what a fitting piece for Icon to finish his Genuine Article exhibition on the streets of London with. Nice double meaning with the level being over, but the Warp Zone, will take Trust Icon and his audience to the next adventure. Excellent collection of works and the most impressive project put fourth by a single artist in London for 2015 as of yet.


Day 15 – Bonus Level – Bethnal Green

When we all thought it was over Trust Icon was back today for Day 15 – Bonus Level. Excellent addition to an already incredible run of Street Art.

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    • I am very sorry but the artist would prefer locations not being specifically stated and I must respect that decision. Sorry I can’t help anymore. But go around Bethnal Green and Shoreditch and you won’t be disappointed.

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