Second Paint Jam To Save Brixton Arches

Yesterday in Brixton the latest installments of Street Art for the #SaveBrixtonArches campaign were put up during a second mini paint jam with seven artists out painting a further respective seven of the 40 or so shutters to be completed. Bringing the current total of shutters painted to ten and its only fair to say that in terms of Street Art, Atlantic Road and Brixton Station Road, spanning the Brixton Arches are rapidly becoming an incredible outdoor gallery dedicated to one worthy cause. The crux of the situation is that Network Rail intend to evict the current tenants of the shops along the railway arches spanning Station Road and Atlantic Road, in the name of redevelopments and make the new rates of rent so high, that it will be impossible for this community of non-chain store outlets to survive and continue from these spots in the future.


So it was with this in mind that the project after initiation from the local tenants was set up by the fine organisation of artist and contributor PINS, who has set forth to organise a group of notable and talented artists to take a shutter each, and allow them creative licence to work their magic, starting with for the moment, London based artists. Feeling that this was a local problem PINS has set to kick off the project thus far with some of the best on London’s scene, incorporating many differing styles in the process. On this occasion the focus was more on Graffiti with some local writes coming along to paint.


Tizer working on his apt piece for the cause.


Idiom at work on his piece.


Chik at work.


Cos & Zomby working on their shutters.

The Finished Pieces.




“Save Our Brixton” by Tizer.










Cos & Zomby.

There were also works  put up by ThisOne and Steaz which we were unable to catch today and will capture next weekend and include on the next update on the Street Art to Save Brixton Arches.

2 comments on “Second Paint Jam To Save Brixton Arches

  1. Well done to all involved and thank you for continuing to cover this and raise awareness – we’ve got enough Starbucks and primark’s – keep our independent shops! #savebrixtonarches

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