New Works From Jim Vision In Shoreditch

Last week in Shoreditch, Street Artist Jim Vision was out doing what he does best in his local area. He laid out two pieces  In Shoreditch, making for a total of three for the week with his work in Brixton for the Save The Arches project. This was followed by a solo wall on Tuesday and collaboration with Birmingham based artist Gent 48 on the Friday. Jim Vision is certainly no stranger to Shoreditch, it being his main area of choice for working, but it is great to see that with the recent closure of Rockwell House, Jim Vision hasn’t prevented it from him doing what he does best in the area.


Superb surfing based scene laid out at the start of last week, giving Jim Vision the chance to work up some of his classic giant wave and sea based works.


Jim Vision & Gent 48 at work on Friday afternoon.


The finished piece. This is a great work and superbly blended collaboration with Gent 48’s skeletal creature really suiting Jim Vision’s style of Street Art.


This only took them three hours! Shocking.



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