A Week Of New Street Art In Bethnal Green

Over the last week Bethnal Green has certainly been the place to be, with some eleven works laid out, from nine artists, all with support from the Hidden Streets Of London. So we thought we would take the time to share the fabulous Street Art that has been put up in the area, demonstrating that Bethnal Green is rapidly becoming a primary location to witness great and diverse Street Art in London.


Superb piece of Helium-Graff from Fanakapan laid out last weekend.


Frankie Strand work put up on Wednesday.


Superb piece from Snub23 also put up on Wednesday afternoon, also in association with @Monoprixx (on Instagram).


Toasters at work on the glorious Wednesday afternoon.


My Dog Sighs at work on the glorious Wednesday afternoon.


A section of the rather lengthy and impressive collaboration from Toasters & My Dog Sighs, really great balance of the two artists respective styles in this work.


The detail and effect My Dog Sighs creates in the eyes is just absorbing.



Candie at work on Saturday afternoon.


The finished piece from Candie, very apt for the warm spring weather. 


Seeds One at work on Saturday afternoon.


Very cool work-in-progress from Seeds One, love the bright colour scheme and all round more fluid and abstract approach in this piece.



Little something added by The Real Dill on Saturday evening.


Trust Icon – ‘Shine Box’


Trust Icon – ‘No Flash Photography’


Trust Icon – ‘Being poor isn’t so bad, it just requires a little more imagination’


Trust Icon – ‘Child Labour’

Trust Icon has certainly been prolific with his current output with his current Genuine ARTicle exhibition on the streets of London and we will be reporting on that in it’s entirety in the coming days when it ends.

4 comments on “A Week Of New Street Art In Bethnal Green

  1. Had a full on Day, found most of em, still gotta get a snap of Hackney Wick / Yoshi and The flower / Dalston. Any helpers for directions please, we love em and want more 👾📷🐝😀

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