New Furia 139 Work In Spitalfields

Yesterday afternoon we were fortunate enough to meet upon Furia 139, for the second time this year, painting another one of his beautiful grey-scale portraits. Working with his roller and paint brushes Furia set to lay out a work in his ‘gritty’ style, not favouring a too polished style. Enjoying and making the most of the beautiful sunshine in London yesterday afternoon, Furia casually spent the afternoon setting out this stunning piece, working from an image Furia had been saving for some time. This new addition to Commercial Street is just along the road from the work he created last weekend (covered here).  This superb work was set up through the great support of the Lollipop Gallery. A lovely day and a great piece of art, we really love the soulful expression in the face. Thanks for your time Furia, we look forward to seeing what else you paint in the future.







The beautiful finished piece.


Two beautiful focus points in a single view.




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