New Fanakapan Work In Brick Lane

This week London was treated to a brief visit from Fanakapan who was unfortunately thwarted from completing what was set to be a stunning and large piece in Water Lane, Camden, so decided to use his time in London constructively and headed over to Star Yard in Brick Lane, to lay out a consolation prize.


Fanakapan laid out some lettering in his trademark helium style, on this occasion following his current motif of metallic silver helium balloons. The main idea behind the piece seems to be that while the letters read ‘Star’ for the location, namely Star Yard, when you invert the image it reads ‘Rats’, a work created with the photo potential in mind. Fanakapan’s piece is nothing short of incredible, the letters just bounce of the wall, and really does appear to be 3D. It is also interesting to see a new twist to his helium balloon styling, which tends to have focused on a more translucent depiction of rubber based helium balloons. It’s very impressive to have seen him create the same level of 3D depth on a flat service in an opaque and monochrome fashion on this occasion.


P1130451 - Copy

The inverted image to read ‘Rats’.


Work in progress in Water Lane Camden Town. Shame that it won’t be completed, but still looks great nonetheless.

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