Where To See Vhils Work In The East End

Over the last few days the latest exhibition ‘Dissonance’ by Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils opened at The Lazarides Gallery in the West End, we will be reporting on that soon, having attended the opening night, but as a precursor we thought we would share the locations and some images of his current London works that can be seen. Vhils whose style in the case of the two works of his currently present works in London, achieves his crafting of imagery through a process of using a pneumatic drill to excavate sections of wall to craft his images. Vhils work sets to tear away at the socio-historical fabric and foundation of his chosen environment, and in his wake he creates images of predominantly staggering portraits, which haven’t just left an impression on the walls or surfaces of his work, but certainly leave an impression on the viewer for having witnessed also.


This magnificient wall, is just outside the premises of what was formerly Rockwell House, just off of Curtain Road in Shoreditch.P1140134


This stunning work is in Bethnal Green and was created in association with the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve for the Phytology Project in 2014 and can be seen on Clarkson Street.






4 comments on “Where To See Vhils Work In The East End

  1. Such a compliment, thanks. Also glad you enjoyed Vhils work so much, we will be reporting on his current exhibition which opened this weekend in London very soon, am sure you will enjoy also. Thanks.

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