New Hannah Adamaszek & Guido Zimmermann Collaboration In East End

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to stumble across UK artist Hannah Adamaszek & German artist Guido Zimmermann painting on the iconic ‘Welcome to Kinkao’ wall on Pedley Street, just off of Brick Lane. The duo laid out a pair of stunning peacocks, both very much in their own style, yet the birds compliment each other exceptionally well. . The piece took some five hours to make on the cold day, yet the pair where in fine spirits painting away delicately and methodically, both working by brush, and were more than happy to oblige the many passing admirers, finishing day as the sun set on their superb collaboration. The work is a stunning addition to a wall that tends to see nothing but the highest calibre of artwork



Hannah Adamaszek at work.


Hannah Adamaszek working away.


Guido Zimmermann working on his half of the piece.


Hannah Adamaszek & Guido Zimmermann towards the end of their work.


Hannah Adamaszek half of the work.


Guido Zimmermann’s respective half of the wall.


The pair standing happy with the beautiful finished work.




Stunning work from this pair of artists, a real delight to witness. Thanks to you both for your time, it was a pleasure to catch you working your magic and see the completed work, so beautiful it is.

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